Fela Kuti || Koola Lobitos ‘Highlife-Jazz and Afro-Soul’ Compilation

We are incredibly excited to reissue Fela Kuti & His Koola Lobitos’ Highlife-Jazz and Afro-Soul, a collection of recordings made between 1963 and 1969 that provide unique insight into the beginnings of Kuti’s craft. This three-disc set lays bare Kuti’s genius experimentation, honing his instincts while trying out new styles and combinations. Koola Lobitos were the first expression of Kuti’s incredible talent and the start of his musical evolution that led to the Afrobeat movement.

Highlife-Jazz and Afro-Soul comes out on April 8th, pre-order your copy today as a triple disc on the Fela store here, or digitally¬†on iTunes here! Lauren Laverne named the reissue her “Compilation of the Week” at BBC Radio 6, saying “There is simply no way… that a three-disc collection of the earliest Fela Kuti recordings could be anything other than excellent.”

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